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How to Get Ready For Your Wedding Day For Wedding Photography

You have taken months to prepare for your wedding, reserving the church and the reception location and all of your vendors, paying attention to all the details. Even more, the last few hours there is still much to be done to get you feeling and looking your best before the wedding and during the wedding. Very important aspect of the wedding planning is to have someone, if you cannot afford a wedding planner, to assist you and get involved with all of the details of the wedding, like getting all of the important contact information of all of the vendors. Of course, the wedding planner has to have all the scheduling and time information and be in touch with all vendors few days before the wedding, one day before the wedding and during the wedding so she can anticipate any delays or problems.

Let us start three months before the wedding talking about having a truly picture perfect day radiant skin, before scheduling appointments for manicures and pedicures. Three months before the wedding, the bride and her entire wedding party should visit the nearest makeup counter and get a skin care consultation for a complete skin care regiment for each member of the wedding party. You have to allow three months for skin care products to have time to work. Use exfoliation as a major step and is the foundation for flawless skin. Don’t use new soaps, cleansers, toners, or masks right before the wedding. Your skin could become inflamed, or you could have an allergic reaction.

Have a good sleep the night before the wedding by going to bed early. It is important not to drink too much alcohol at the rehearsal dinner (if it is the night before the wedding). Also, do not consume any coffee, tea or chocolate where caffeine can disrupt your sleep. Be sure to eat a good breakfast. If you forget to eat, you could feel lethargic; plus, eating early will give the food a chance to settle. If jitters are curbing your appetite, try something light, such as muffin, a toast, or fruit. And have protein-rich snacks, nuts or yogurt to eat during the day.

Getting ready the day of the wedding requires good preparation by asking your hair dresser if you should shampoo the night before or the day of, and that depends on the type of hair and style. Allow yourself enough time so you have time to relax with your favorite scented bath soaps, gels, and oils like lavender, chamomile, orange, or peppermint. It’s best to do all styling and primping before you slip into your dress, except final touches like lipstick. Wear a button-down shirt so you won’t ruin your hairstyle or makeup pulling a T-shirt over your head when it is time to get into your wedding attire. Be sure to bring your headpiece with you if the stylist will need to work it into your hair; also bring any makeup of your own you’ll be using. Arrange to have a manicure and pedicure the day before so you don’t have to worry about wet nails.

Put your shoes on before your gown — it can be cumbersome to find your feet in a bevy of frills and layers, and it will be easier to fasten and adjust your gown if it is draped the right distance from the floor. Keep your dress hanging with the bodice stuffing in place and covered with a white sheet until the moment you’re ready to put it on. Press any wrinkles with a cool, dry iron using a white pressing cloth; you should only use a steamer for a gown that is made of tulle.

During the wedding day have an emergency kit on hand including aspirin, needle and thread, safety pins, glue, scissors, double-sided tape, hosiery, nail polish and a make kit. The make up kid has to be the same as the one used be your make up artist. One important aspect of make up is being waterproof, what an idea. It will spare you from a lot of embarrassment when you get those emotional tears running down your face with your make up too.

Plan to be ready for the final touches at least two hours before the wedding ceremony if not more, especially if you are taking formal photographs. It is very important that by that time your hair and the basic foundation is done. Even the bride with perfect facial features and skin does not want to see herself in photos before make up, of course there are exceptions. So far we have been talking about make-up and how to get ready before the wedding day and during the wedding day, or at least talk about major and important aspects. You might ask; how come a wedding photographer would discuss this issue.

Major part of our Wedding Photography and Video Consultation is making sure the couple is aware of all of the information that is available on the web and in books talking about how a bride should get ready for her wedding day. We are convince through experience that it is not just about Wedding Photography but about the bride having fun, having a totally joyful and one of kind life time experience. We are there to document it.

A great wedding photographer makes sure that earns the trust of the bride, the groom and their families. Thus, we will like to persuade our wedding couples that we know, and we do, what a wedding day entails that we anticipate capturing all of the details, emotions, reflections and relationships of the bride and groom, with their families and friends during their wedding day.

Portrait, Wedding photography and video has been the passion of Andreas Katsouris for the last 22 years. As a professional photographer he has always improved on his technique with a new and refreshed approached throughout the years.

Things to Be Considered For Your Wedding

As a child every kid, especially a girl, is fascinated by fairy tales. They just love it when the princess gets the prince at the end of the tale and live happily ever after. This figment of imagination slowly translates into real life when a girl essentially finds her true love and both finally decided to be bonded in an eternal relationship through the holy sanctity of marriage. Weddings are the most happiest and memorable days of almost everyone’s lives. And what makes this day memorable is the union of the bride and groom celebrated in a certain style of their own choice. Styles are innumerous across the globe. They vary with the local tradition and customs. Nevertheless, all styles that exist today are special and most cherished in their own way.

The most celebrated day in a couple’s life is their wedding day and it is not only true for the D-day but also for years to come. They record these priceless moments in the form of still photography and video capturing to honor their extremely precious day. People these days want to have everything done perfectly. They want the perfect fairytale wedding and expect to have no screw ups or mess of any kind. To keep the wedding plans flawless many well-to-do couples hire a wedding planner. These wedding planners are professionals who take care of everything from A-Z in a wedding for a certain fee amount. There are some others though who love to arrange their own weddings in their own wedding style. This is not a bad idea either if you think you have the time to do it.

Thus whoever the planner of the wedding is, be it a professional or close friends and relatives, the first and foremost thing they have to think about is the wedding cost. Without knowing the various wedding costs they cannot really organize the wedding according to their estimated budget. There are so many elements that make a wedding possible. From the venue for the ceremony to the venue for the reception, from the caterers to the florists, from the wedding gowns and suits to the wedding bands, from the wedding music bands to the wedding center pieces it is a huge list to take care of. The preparation initiates from selecting wedding invitations and listing out the number of guests and knowing how many would show up in order to arrange the necessary quantity of food and drinks. A detailed estimate of wedding costs constituting all these factors must be planned beforehand. This reduces the unwanted last moment nervousness on the day when everyone is supposed to be happy and rejoicing. In the end, proper planning helps in smooth execution of your perfect wedding day.

Fresh Wedding Flowers

Why is it important to organize your fresh wedding flowers for your wedding day?

After all, planning a wedding involves lots of details. There are rings to buy. You need to make a list of friends and family to invite. A wedding dress to order. A marriage license to apply for. Showers, parties, and much, much more.

And, you have so many people to keep track of. Bridesmaids and a maid of honor to select. Ushers, groomsmen, your mom and dad, the groom’s mom and dad. Grandma and Grandpa. Oh yes, your husband to be. A flower girl and ring bearer.

Why Flowers are Important to Your Wedding Party
Each of these people are important to you and take a visible role in your wedding. They march down the aisle at church. They attend your reception. They are in your wedding photos.

Each of your special guests wears a special arrangement of fresh wedding flowers to celebrate your day with you. Wedding flowers are a sign of a fresh new life. The oldest story of a man and woman joined in marriage is Adam and Eve in a garden, the Garden of Eden.

As a brand new bride, you want your wedding party to feel a part of the wedding. And, you don’t want to be embarrassed at the last minute by forgetting to give a corsage to your mother-in-law to be.

Carrying or wearing flowers is a sign of belonging. It is like wearing a badge. When your guests see your wedding party wearing flowers, they know who belongs.

How to Remember Your Wedding Party with Fresh Wedding Flowers
There are nine types of wedding flower arrangements that you can honor your wedding party, depending on who is in your wedding. Let’s review each type.

The Bridal Bouquet
This wedding flower arrangement is your signature bouquet that you carry throughout your wedding ceremony. You may match your wedding gown with white roses, or use another color that goes along with your wedding theme. You can select a simple bouquet of daisies, an elaborate bouquet of mixed flowers including calla lilies. Bridal bouquets can be small or large with 10 to 15 flowers to 50 or more flowers.

Maid of Honor Bouquet
Your maid (or matron) of honor is your special friend who walks with you through your engagement and wedding planning. She is an official witness to your marriage when she signs your marriage certificate. She holds your bouquet at different times during your wedding, and she carries her own bouquet, too.

Bridesmaid’s Bouquets
Depending on the size of your wedding party, you may have several friends serve as your bridesmaids. Each of them should carry their own bouquet, that reflects your own bridal bouquet. A smaller, simpler bouquet that matches their dresses and your color scheme looks lovely at your wedding and in your photographs.

Toss Bouquet
Many modern brides use a small bouquet to toss to the women at their wedding reception. A toss bouquet serves this purpose. Normally, a toss bouquet is made of the same flowers as your bridal bouquet. By using a toss bouquet, you can keep your bridal bouquet and preserve it.

Mother’s Petite Hand Tied
Your mom has stood by you for many years and this is a special day for her, too. You can order a petite hand-tied bouquet, with lacy ribbons that matches your own bouquet. Imagine the love and joy your mom will have as she walks down the aisle with her own bouquet, remembering her own wedding day and being happy in your special day.

Flower Girl Petal Bouquet
If you have a flower girl in your wedding procession, she may spread rose petals or simply carry a petal bouquet to walk with you during your wedding day. Your flower girl may be a member of your family, like a young cousin or a niece, who is special to you. She will look darling and be absolutely thrilled to carry her own little bouquet in your wedding.

Your groom, the groomsmen, your father and the father of your husband, grandfathers, ushers, and other special men wear a simple flower pinned to the lapel of their tuxedos or suits. This boutonniere is like a badge that they are an official part of the wedding. They are like your company of knights who escort the queen to the altar on her wedding day. Make sure to honor them.

Pin Corsages
The special women in your wedding party, your special aunts, mother of the groom, grandmothers often wear a corsage pinned to their dresses. These corsages match both the type and color of your fresh wedding flowers.

Wrist Corsages
You may wish to offer the mother of the groom and grandmothers a wrist corsage, a small display of flowers that are tied to the wrist. Wrist corsages are more popular these days, because they don’t have pins that poke through a dress. These corsages look elegant and offer your special women a way to celebrate your wedding with you.

How to Order Your Wedding Flower Arrangements So That Everyone Belongs
Now that you know carries or wears what type of flower arrangement, it is time to plan your flower order. Simply count up who is in your wedding party, and which flowers you need for each of them.

For the bride, you will need a bridal bouquet and you may desire to have a toss bouquet.

-Order a bouquet for your maid of honor.
-One bouquet for each of your bridesmaids.
-A petite hand tied bouquet for your mom.
-Boutonnieres for your groom, dads, grandpas, groomsmen, ushers.
-Corsages for grandmas, your groom’s mom, any aunts or other special women.
-The junior bouquet for your flower girl.

Make sure to match the color of your wedding theme and coordinate the same type of flowers for each person. Ordering fresh wedding flowers may seem challenging, but it is a lot easier when you know that everyone is covered. By including everyone, and helping them feel they belong, your wedding party will share in the joy of your wedding day for years to come.

Would you like an easy way to order fresh wedding flowers for your wedding party? Fresh Wedding Flowers in a Box is a collection of every type of flower arrangement that you need for your wedding. You can choose from eight different professionally designed wedding flower packages, and three to 40 pieces. Each package includes free overnight express shipping.

Wedding Ideas

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You have probably been dreaming and thinking about your very own wedding day from adolescence, and now you have found the partner of your dreams and it is all coming true! You want your wedding day to be the most perfect day ever, so we have compiled a few handy hints to think about to make sure your wedding day is exactly what you are dreaming of.


• Make a Folder

Make a folder for all the multitudes of wedding information you will gather. Pick up a concertina style file from any office stationery shop and label the sections according to the different aspects of your wedding. Eg. Make a section for venues, one for invitation samples, one for flowers, one for cakes, one for dresses, one for cars, photographers, bonbonniere ideas etc. etc. Place any quotes, information or clippings you collect from magazines, advertisements, etc into sections for easy reference later on in the planning process. Planning everything early, leaves you less stressed, stops you from becoming a ‘bridezilla‘, and allows you to enjoy the experience of organizing your own wedding.

• Save the Date cards

Sending Save the Date cards early are an excellent way to ensure all your family and friends will be available to attend your wedding day. Send them to all intended guests as soon as you choose a date, even before your have your Invitations and Stationery printed.

• Keep a Wedding diary

By writing everything down including appointments and deadlines in a wedding planner or diary, you will not forget to do anything and not miss any appointments.


• Wedding Stationery

Include with your Wedding Invitation all the information your guest will need to attend your wedding. Items such as Wishing Well cards, Gift registry information, handy returnable R.S.V.P. cards, accommodation information and directions to the various venues you have chosen for your special day. Using Invitation accessories saves you money and time without having to make a multitude of phone calls to inform guests of important this information. Theme your wedding stationery to match your venue or favourite colour, or flower. Your theme can be used in many aspects of your wedding. From the invitation, to the wedding attire, cake decorations, reception table décor, and post wedding thank you’s.

• Guest accommodation

If the wedding is out of town, or you have people coming from a long way to celebrate with you, many guests may need overnight accommodation so when booking accommodations for your self, many hotels or motels will allow you to make a block booking to be confirmed later.

Guests will appreciate the help with these arrangements and the details can be included on a specially printed card that can be included with the wedding invitation

• Some handy Emergency items for the day.

Make sure some one close to the bride (probably Mum or a bridesmaid) has an emergency kit on them with, band aids, paracetemol or head ache medication, a spare inhaler for asthmatics, or spare insulin or special medications that may be required in an emergency by anyone in the bridal party, a needle and thread, scissors, tape, extra button for wedding dress and extra panty hose for bride and bridesmaids. Clear nail polish is great for stopping runs in panty hose. A bottle of water for bride & groom to drink is also a good idea.

Baby Wipes are great for the bride to use, as they are excellent to remove makeup and other marks from your wedding dress without leaving stains. Include a Crochet Hook for the bridesmaids or Groom to help you with your Wedding dress buttons and hooks. Some wedding dresses can be very tricky to get in and out of, with plenty of tiny buttons and hooks, so send a crochet hook along so someone can help you undo the buttons on the wedding dress if required. Wedding shoes can become very uncomfortable very quickly so wear your wedding shoes a few times before the wedding around home, and try to scruff the soles a little so they are not slippery on smooth surfaces, even wear socks so they will stretch a little. Scotch guard shoes so they do not get marks and can be easily cleaned.

• Disposables cameras

Your guests will love disposable cameras placed on the reception tables. They will pick them up, snap away and capture all those unforgettable candid moments of fun and laughter that you will miss when you are busy talking to other guests. Using good quality disposable cameras will even save money on professional photos.

• Signing of a Photo board.

Instead of having a guest book, have a large photo surround board that will surround a large professional photographer photo of the bride and groom for all the guests to sign. It then can be then hung on your wall with all the well wishes from your closest family and friends, making a unique and priceless memento for years to come.

• Weather Watch

Watch the weather forecasts carefully for your wedding day weather. While is it totally out of your control, it could pay to be prepared with large umbrellas and towels in the boot of some of the wedding cars. Check with your Wedding reception venue as to wet weather options for you and your guests arrival and parking. If you have chosen an ‘Al Fresco’ style wedding reception, you may need to check your options and availabilities in case of a wet day.

• Your Wedding Photos

Your Wedding Photos are going to be a lifetime memory and this is a one-of special event, so you should be careful on your choice of wedding photographer. Make sure you look through photographers portfolios to see the type of work he can do. Make your wishes and choices clear and precise and make sure you have confirmed your costs before you sign any contracts. If the time of year suits, formal photographs taken in a park or beautiful garden or by the ocean can look spectacular, but make sure you have another location in mind if it rains.

Don’t forget to ask any loved ones if they would like to purchase some of the formal professional photos as well, as quantity may lower your prices. A popular style recently is to have some photos produced in Black and White, this gives a timeless and classic stylish addition to your Wedding Photo Collection.

• Your Flowers

Your wedding flowers have probably cost you a lot of money. They will be beautiful and should last quite well if they have been supplied from a reputable florist. It is a shame to leave them behind just for the cleaners to throw out! Organise family members or friends to take them home after the reception, or if you will be staying around have them taken back to your own home. If you would like to keep your bouquet, but still would like to throw one, have a small replica made especially for the bouquet throw at the reception. While they are still fresh, take some blooms from your bouquet and dry them and have them framed or press them, laminate them to make a bookmark etc. for a lovely memento to cherish.

• Your Wedding Gown

Your Wedding Gown is no doubt is the most special memento of your wedding day, so you may want to keep it for any number of reasons, to give to a daughter or grand daughter, or just to see if you can still fit into it on your 10th Wedding anniversary! You should have your dress professionally cleaned first to remove perfumes, perspiration, wine etc that can leave yellow stains with time. You should store it in either a good quality tightly closing cardboard box or in a dress bag for hanging. For the box use only acid-free white tissue to line the box and layer between each fold of your dress, use crumpled tissue in the bodice and sleeves and finish with a layer of tissue and tightly close the lid to keep out dust and insects.

For a garment bag, make a tissue cover, or make one with a white linen sheet to put the dress in first, then put the dress within the garment bag so that there is tissue or sheet between the fabric and the garment bag. You can buy specialty boxes and bags from wedding suppliers and bridal shops for storage of wedding gowns. Store in a dark, dry cool place with a moisture collector satchel nearby.

Of course, I have only touched on some of the aspects of anyone’s wedding day, and everyone’s day will be different, so you should consider all aspects of your day, think about anything that may go wrong on the day, and try to minimise beforehand any impact a hiccup may cause. Be prepared for anything is a great moto to have.

Tips to Planning a Successful Wedding

1) Importance of an Engagement Photo Session

An engagement photography session is the precursor and preview to your wedding day! It serves as an announcement and proclamation of your love for each other. Most often, clients use some of their engagement photos in wedding announcements and for “Save the Date” cards. We have received numerous phone calls and photos letting us know that the engagement pictures we shot are now placed proudly around their home. It is amazing going to shoot a wedding and seeing the pictures from the engagement photo session displayed on a table for everyone to see.

Engagement pictures showcase a couple’s love, romance, and affection for each other. Often times, couples don’t realize the importance of such an investment. However, engagement pictures help to bring back the memories of where you came from as a couple, where you love began, where it grew, and how it has come to the future wedding you are now planning.

2) Plan for “Wedding Day Emergencies”

One of the complaints from brides after the event of their wedding day is that she was rushed for time and felt out of control. Make sure to plan, plan, plan, and when you think you have planned ahead enough, plan some more! With my clients, I definitely offer recommendations of makeup artists and hair stylists we have worked with in the past.

A bride should know that these stylists are almost always running late during a wedding day. Make sure you plan yourself out an hour ahead of when you need to be ready. If you are having your hair and makeup done away from your ceremony location, make sure you ride separate from everyone else so that you will not get stuck for time while a bridesmaid or aunt is having her hair finished.

Also, another key thing we recommend a bride do is create a “wedding emergency kit.” Make sure to include some extra touch-up makeup in your kit for lip gloss and powder retouches throughout the day (after all, we are taking your pictures all day long!). Throw in a bottle of water and an energy bar, just in case your oomph starts to take a nosedive. Many brides don’t eat much the week leading up to their wedding and most especially on the day, so make sure your body stays replenished and comfortable. Another good idea: throw in some band-aids! Brides often wear new and uncomfortable shoes on their wedding day and while those fashionable strappy slingbacks look great in your wedding pictures, your feet will be in excruciating pain by the time the reception rolls around.

3) Wedding Day Transportation

Unless you are having a family member drive you to and from the ceremony location, to the reception, and wherever your heart takes you afterwards, make sure you are firm and clear with your transportation about pick up and drop off times. We express to our clients that we enjoy being there to catch every moment of the day and hate to see a couple standing around waiting for a ride. Whether you favor a limousine, classic car, or a horse and carriage, insist the driver commit to your time frame for your wedding day. Make sure this is set in STONE!

4) The Wedding Day Dress

Your wedding photographer will be taking pictures of you all day long. This translates to hundreds of pictures with you wearing your wedding dress! First and foremost, find a dress that suits your style and one you are completely comfortable in. Make sure the fit is “you” and something that you, not your mother, a best friend, or Aunt Margaret, would have chosen for you. These pictures won’t be able to be recreated! Your special day should include all the elements that make you comfortable about your upcoming life together with the person you love and also the elements that make you who you are.

In addition, we can’t stress enough that it is vital for you to be in control and in charge of your wedding dress. Too often brides designate a WDM (“Wedding Dress Manager”) in the form of a mother, bridesmaid, friend, or relative. This can be disastrous! People can be forgetful and may not have you dress at the moment you need it. Don’t let it out of your control or your sight.

5) Family Wedding Photos

It is common knowledge that when families get together, people become distracted! While I favor a wedding photo journalistic style and don’t mind catching unexpected moments and emotions throughout the day, I strongly recommend that you tell family members to be at a location or venue minimum 30 minutes before the actual photos are to commence. This way, you can be sure that the family will arrive early, but more likely, on time. Also, it is a good idea to remind family members that wedding day photography does take time. If you begin family photos before your ceremony, everyone will have to arrive earlier. If after the ceremony, everyone will be a bit later in getting to the reception and guests will have to wait a bit longer. This is expected and common at all weddings, but make sure that family is aware that time will be taken to make sure that your wedding photos come out the way you want them to.

ALSO – Make sure that everyone has directions and knows where they are going. Most likely, your photographer is familiar with the city and can provide detailed directions and routes if need be. If you are having a downtown wedding and are worried about parking, let the family know where to park and how much this might cost. Suggest that they carpool. Do your research to better help your family prepare so that your day will not run behind schedule. Little memos, notes, reminders, emails, texts, anything small, sweet, and concise, are helpful to assure family members that you love and care for them but that this day is very important to you. The wedding photography is your investment and you want to make sure in the nicest way possible that they are able to cooperate with the events of the day.