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Making the Bride Glamorous On Her Wedding

The marriage ceremony

When man and woman commit to be united in matrimony, the marriage ceremony comes first in the preparation. To most people, marriage is a major event, a lifetime commitment that should be celebrated differently from all other occasions. Most couples want their ceremony to be unique and memorable, a grand wedding day celebration! Normally, the ceremony is celebrated taking into consideration the culture, tradition, religion, and social standing of the celebrants. During this occasion, the bride and groom wear fabulous wedding outfits while family members and guests wear formal outfit for the occasion. Most weddings, have adopted the traditional custom of wearing white wedding dress with a veil for the bride. In addition, the exchange of marriage vows is a major part of the wedding.

The bride

During the wedding, the most important person for the day is the bride. On that special occasion, the bride should be the most beautiful woman of the day. She does not only wear her most beautiful wedding dress, but also wears jewelry and accessories for personal adornment. Bridal jewelry is made special from a wide range of materials, gemstones, and other precious materials to match the wedding theme. For example, for celebrations held by the beach, shells will likely take most of the craft. Like all other wedding preparations, the choice of bridal jewelry takes place several days or weeks before the merriment. The bride normally takes care of almost everything starting from the selection of bridal gown, the guests, the venue, the food, the wedding cake and even the wedding theme color and motif.

Wedding jewelry and accessories

Most brides have taken charge of their marriage outfit several weeks or even months before the wedding. Most of the time, brides handpicked the materials, choose the designer and arrange almost every details before the celebration or hire a wedding planner to do all the preparations to make the wedding day perfect. The wedding ring and other bridal jewelry and accessories must have already been picked to match the couple’s wedding outfit and style. Most of the time, the hairstyle, and the wedding dress complement the necklace, bracelet, or earrings that the bride should wear. The wedding dress should harmonize with the gemstones in the wedding dress or headpiece as well as other wedding accessories.

Choosing bridal jewelry

Before anything else, the bride should make her final choice as to the gown she should wear before she choose her bridal jewelry. The color, pattern, and the design of the dress will have greater influence on the jewelry that the bride should wear. Likewise, the wedding theme and motif must also be considered in the choice of jewelry and accessories. Casual weddings call for simple yet elegant wedding jewelry, while formal weddings, insist on larger and more elaborate pieces that makes the bride the most beautiful woman on her wedding day. For the bridal jewelry, some choose to purchase or rent the same, but guests actually, do not mind where the jewelry and accessories are obtained, but they care more on how beautiful the bride should look on her wedding day.

Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day And In Wedding Photos

A lot of eyes are on the bride on a wedding day, but eyes are also on the groom, – especially the eyes of the bride!… Read on for some groom’s grooming tips:

Skin Care for Him

Skin care is important for anyone. Consider booking for a series of facials before your wedding. If that’s not your thing, you can find men’s exfoliator products that you can use at home. These help the skin look fresh by removing dry skin. And a little moisturiser never astray.

Oral Care

Easily over looked but very noticeable if forgotten, is bad breath and inflamed gums, especially when you up close and personal with friends and relatives on your wedding day, – not to forget the bride! Get a check up 6-12 months before your wedding day and have any oral problems sorted by the big day.

Hair Suggestions for Grooms

Unless you have a nondescript hairstyle, such as a buzz cut, avoid getting a haircut the day before your wedding. Consider seeing your hairdresser about a week before, so you will look well groomed but not be dealing with that fresh haircut look.

If you’ve got a great hair stylist or barber, consider going in for a style the day of the wedding as well as a shave. A professional will help you get a close shave (with out the nics) and give you a bit of pampering before the big day. A shave, wash, and style can be relaxing. You can also take this time to make sure you don’t have stray nose hair, ear hairs, and ask for a cleanup of your eyebrows, too.


A manicure can be a good idea for your wedding day. Many salons will even do his and her manicures and pedicures, maybe the two of you could go a day or two prior to the wedding day. This may not be your normal thing, but it could be a great idea to get your hands ready for wedding photos where they will feature in shots such as exchange of rings, signing, cake cutting and detail photographs. If you work with your hands, such as in mechanics, farming, construction, it’s especially wise to get extra help.

Getting Ready Tips

If you’re not getting ready for your wedding ceremony at home, make a list of what you’ll need so that you’re sure to be super organised for the big day. If an eye for detail is not your thing, it’s often a good idea to have a woman on hand, perhaps your mum or a groomsman’s wife or girlfriend, – someone who’s got an eye for detail and can ensure every thing is just right.

Extra Overall Tips:

Before or the day of your wedding is not the time to experiment with new things. Don’t get your very first spray tan the day before your wedding, for instance. You probably don’t want to try out a new hair dresser or barber on the big day, either. If you need to find a new service provider for any groom’s grooming areas look in advance and do a trial run (preferably two) before trusting a new provider to help you look your best on the big day.

Beauty Tips for the Wedding Day for the Mother of the Bride

The realization that all eyes will also be on you, the Mother of the Bride, on the wedding day eventually happens to each mother. This realization often leads to uncertainty as to what to wear, how to look and wondering what’s in style, and uncertainty about her own beauty ‘look’ and style.

The best thing to do to relieve any uncertainties and answer all of your questions about what to wear is to plan ahead. Make yourself a priority as part of the wedding planning. Most brides typically plan ahead for their wedding(12 – 14 months is the average wedding planning time), so there’s plenty of time for you to explore all of your options.

In this article, you’ll find five beauty tips that will help you begin to think about your personal beauty for the big day.

Weight Loss

An upcoming wedding where you will be hostess as the mother of the bride is a great motivator to lose those stubborn 20 pounds! Begin to do so very early in the timeline. It’s likely that you’ll need to buy your dress or outfit about four months or so before the wedding. It’s tradition for you to buy your dress first, so that the mother of the groom can follow suit in style and a complimentary color.

As long as your dress can be altered, there’s no need to stress about the exact fit until a few weeks before the wedding. Do buy the dress with enough time left in the timeline, however, to ease your worries about what you’re going to wear!

Wedding Day Hairstyle

It’s nice (and youthful) to keep your hair loose and romantic for the wedding rather than in a tight updo. Remember this if you are changing hairstyles so that you have just the right length and cut if this is the romantic look you want to achieve. Have it shaped about three weeks before the wedding and decide if you’re going to leave your hair down or maybe pull it half up. Soft, open waves are simple, youthful and elegant.

Makeup for the Wedding

This is a great time to update your look. The department store beauty counters are perfect places to start for a make-over. It’s a great idea to take the dress with you for the make-over so that the blush and lip colors complement not only you, but the color of the dress as well. Have fun doing this a few weeks before the wedding day.

If you are using a makeup artist the day of the wedding, however, be sure you meet with her and try out the look at least a week before the wedding. Never use a makeup artist for the first time on this important day. If that’s the case, you are better off doing your makeup yourself.

Using Self Tanner

Since nude, tan legs are the trend, it’s a great idea to get a spray tan for the wedding. It’s not a good idea, however, to have that done for the first time right before the wedding. At least a month in advance, try out the self tanner you plan to use so that you get the right shade and coverage. You will be confident then, that all will look great, when you go a few days in advance of the wedding for your final self tanner application.

Get A Manicure

A subtle shade for the manicure is the best option for the wedding day. Dark polish can be aging and is not appropriate for the wedding. Have your nails done a day in advance of the wedding as time allows, and be sure to have a bottle of the same polish on hand in case you need a touch up!

By carefully planning your beauty timeline, from the color and style of your dress to the look of your hair, makeup and nails, you can and will be the most beautiful mother of the bride you always imagined.

Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Did you realize that there is a fine line between how you can enjoy your wedding day and having a meltdown on your wedding day? I have compiled a list of the best wedding day advice I could give a bride who is planning her wedding (who wants to avoid a meltdown). Here is my top wedding tips list of three things that I have seen brides do, that keep them cool, calm and collected on their wedding day.

1. Trust Your Vendor Team – We do this all the time

This may be the first time that you are the bride, and you are faced with a TON of important decisions, but rest assured that your wedding day vendors have done this plenty of times. We have seen a lot, and have the experience to know what works and what may be risky. As you go through the wedding day planning process and especially on your big day, listen to your vendors’ recommendations and suggestions. We speak from experience.

2. Expect Something to Go Wrong

I remember visiting my husband’s grandmother in the hospital, and she gave me advice that I carry with me every day. She said, “Man plans, and God laughs.” Even though I can sit down with a bride and plan out how every little detail will look, sometimes things still go wrong. There are a lot of moving pieces to your wedding, and although most of the time they all fit together at just the right time, sometimes they do not. I encourage brides to expect something to go wrong with their wedding plans, and that will avoid the freak-out-moment on the day of the wedding.

3. Be Flexible

Sometimes there are elements on your wedding day that we cannot control. You may have envisioned and dreamed for an outside ceremony, but in extreme weather it may not be in the best interest of you or your guests to be outside. For another example, you may have planned to take all your formal pictures before your ceremony, but as time goes by it may take longer then anticipated. The photographer may suggest that instead of rushing family portraits that you take 10 minutes during cocktail hour to finish. Being flexible will help to alleviate unnecessary wedding headaches and help you enjoy your wedding day!

This may seem simple, but it takes effort. You have to plan for the unexpected, and then nothing will actually be unexpected.

Happy planning!

How To Capture Stunning Photos On Your Wedding

As a Bride On Your Wedding Day

You will be treated as the center of attraction throughout this day and you should therefore be ready to carry yourself the best that you can. Be yourself, but at the same remain as elegant and classy as possible; after all it is your wedding day and you have the freedom to enjoy as much as you want to.

Smile with your eyes by engaging and connecting with the camera on your wedding day. When you smile with your eyes, your wedding photos will be beautiful whether you are showing your teeth or not. The secret is to enjoy the day and to go with the flow.

Try different photo poses when the camera is on you. You can actually even try the red carpet pose that is an ever classic for exquisite unique wedding photos. Avoid creating photos that are shot from one angle. When working with a good photographer, you should find the poses easy to create and achieve. Try as many versions of the poses as possible and focus on making them your trademark.

Enlarge your eyes by looking up, raising your eyebrows and leaning your neck and chin slightly towards the camera. They say the eyes are the mirrors to the heart and they should therefore reflect all your emotions on your wedding day. The bigger they appear the happier you will appear, thus the more striking the photos.

Elongate your neck to get shots that are simply elegant. You can easily do this by lowering your shoulders towards the camera and keeping your chin up. You will be surprised at how pretty your wedding photography will be with a longer looking neck.

Avoid pressing arms against your body. Create a separation between your arms and your body to make your arms appear smaller and to also define your waistline for your torso to be slimmer. When you have the perfect wedding gown on, you will have a body shape that is feminine and beautiful, so work towards showing it off in the best way possible on your wedding day.

Hold the bouquet around your hip instead of right in front of you. It will eliminate blocked photo looks and photos that appear as though you are hiding and taking refuge behind it, maybe because you are not confident. When you hold the bouquet around your hip area, you will keep a clear view of the wedding gown which is very important.

As a Groom On Your Wedding Day

It’s your big day as well and you should make an effort to look your best to match with your stunning bride. The first thing to do is to be confident in your wedding suit that you selected. A good cut always makes amazing photos, especially when coupled with confidence, so pull off the wedding look in the best way you can on your wedding day.

Smile as much as possible throughout the day and take part in the happy moments. You don’t want your bride looking alone and lost smiling alone in the wedding photos. Get lost in those precious moments too; at least for this day alone.

Let your eyes concentrate on your bride as much as it is possible. Wedding photos of grooms staring admirably at their brides always make the most romantic shots. Take the day to enjoy the beauty that is your wife and share those feelings as physically and emotionally.

Maintain good body contact with your bride by keeping her close most of the times. Photos where you appear protective but loving can transform your wedding album into one of the most romantic. You will also look as a happy part of the great union which is important.

How to Avoid Stress on Your Wedding

As anyone getting married knows all too well, planning a wedding can be both an exciting time and a very stressful one. Although one is looking forward to tying the knot, there are many things to be organised and to take into consideration to ensure that not only the wedding goes smoothly but all the guests have a fantastic time too.

Unfortunately this means that for many people the actual wedding day itself can be particularly stressful, when it should in fact be one of the happiest days of your life. To make sure that your stress does not get out of control on your wedding day, try these pieces of advice to stay calm and ensure everything goes smoothly.

The first thing to do to ensure that you are less stressed about your wedding day is to eliminate the threat of uncertainty. Unpredictable things happen, especially at those occasions where something is bound to go wrong if you are desperately praying for things to go right. Maybe your solo wedding singer will be 30 minutes late after being stuck in traffic, or your wedding dress might get a tear.

When things to go wrong, do not let this stress you out, as there is a way to mitigate all of the potential issues that could arise on your big day. The way to eliminate this uncertainty is to plan a generous amount of time for each stage of the wedding day, right from the morning events when your guests arrive the ceremony, right through to the last person leaving your reception at night.

Some people are sure to arrive early, others will arrive late, the wedding ceremony itself might be held up, and you may have to drag people from your reception venue in very early hours in the morning after they have had too much to drink. Plan generously with your time and this will allow you room to deal with any unexpected issues that can occur.

To do this, make sure that you plan a strict schedule for your day but leave room on either side for unexpected events. Guests will often be very patient if they have to wait, so you have nothing to worry about if you overestimate a little bit of your time rather than underestimate it. This also gives everyone room to breathe and the chance to deal with any expected events.

Another tip to reduce your stressful feelings on your wedding day is to make sure that you double check everything with your vendors and entertainment services the day before the big celebration. This ranges from checking up with your solo wedding singer that everything is going to plan, right through to double checking with the catering service and photographers that you will be using too.

Although the best piece of advice is to make sure that you choose quality vendors in the first instance, and this in itself should mean that you have a minimum of problems, doing last minute checks can help overcome any difficulties or misunderstandings in advance and leave you a few less things to worry about on the big day.

One of the best tips to bear in mind in the lead up to the wedding and to ensure that you have a minimum of stress is to take a couple of days off before the big day itself. Weddings are a lot of stress and hassle to plan, and this can easily lead to a build up of tension that just accumulates on your wedding day.

Taking a short breather just before your wedding means you will be able to get a bit of perspective and come into the ceremony and reception much more relaxed. A refreshed and positive attitude can go a long way in helping you deal with the unexpected if it should occur on your special day too.

From double checking with your catering services and solo wedding singer, to being purposely flexible with time on the your big day, these tips can help relieve a lot of stress and mean you enjoy this very special occasion as much as possible.

Things To Make You Look Great On Your Wedding

1. Choose your dress well in advance. Your dress is one of the most important items in your wedding plans, so make sure you take enough time to choose one that suits you – not your best friend, not your bridesmaids, and not your mother. For the day of your wedding, you’ll want a dress in which you can stand, walk and dance in without worrying about “wardrobe malfunctions” or causing you discomfort. Allow necessary time if you decide on having the dress made, but even if bought “off the rack,” you’ll need to factor in time for tailoring and any adjustments. Choosing a comfortable wedding dress will make you look natural on the wedding day, it also helps the wedding photographers and videographers to capture more great moments. Imagine if the bride has always to worry if her wedding dress will fall, she will not have a natural or pleasant facial expression, and it will make your wedding photographers and videographers have a hard time doing their job to capture the “great” moments.

2. Choose a classic hair style. You don’t want to overpower your dress and headpiece with a flamboyant hair style or color that overwhelms everything else. Keep it simple and classic, and remember to practice the look you want at home or with your stylist before the wedding day. When we recorded a wedding in summer 2011, a bride chose a hair style that her hair covers half of her face. This couple chose to do the outdoor photo/video session by the lake in downtown Toronto. As you can imagine, it is very windy by the lake, her hair flies everywhere…

3. Fix your nails professionally. Have your nails professionally manicured the day before the wedding. This is one thing you don’t want to do too far in advance. Reduce the chances of a broken nail, chipped polish; or, if using applied nails, reduce the risk of having one coming off by having your manicure as late as possible. If you are not inclined toward colored polishes or long fingernails, simply make sure that they are neatly trimmed, filed, polished, and buffed. Your hands will be the focus of attention when showing off that new wedding ring and for photos and video.

4. Enhance your beauty with makeup. Makeup is the last thing you’ll need to worry over. It is done on the big day itself but you should have a test run before this. Don’t try to transform yourself into a different person with dramatic eye makeup or garish lipstick. Simply make the real you look better! This is also going to help you look good on the wedding photos and videos.
• Use a slightly heavier hand than with your usual daytime makeup so that your photos won’t have you appearing washed-out looking, but don’t overdo it. And if your wedding is at night, with more subtle lighting, apply makeup as though you were going to a club or restaurant at night – a little heavier than daytime, but not too much! Avoid deep red lipstick as well as a too-pale pink. Frosted eyeshadows or lipsticks are definite no-nos. Taking your own photo with a digital camera or a camera phone is a good way to check your makeup before the wedding photos and videos.
• Also, if you have sensitive skin, this is not the time to try a new brand. The last thing you want to do is head for the altar with blotches or zits thanks to an allergic reaction.

5. Prepare in advance to feel your best.
• The night before your wedding is not the time for partying, so get eight hours of restful sleep. If you’re having a rehearsal dinner, or a bachelorette bash, make sure that it ends early. Drink moderately or, better yet, not at all. Bloodshot eyes and a banging hangover will not make for a fun wedding.
• Don’t gorge yourself the night before because we all know that there are strange forces at work which will try to make your wedding gown just a wee bit snug in the morning. Let alone the fact that it isn’t so pleasant feeling bloated! To overcome excitement and nerves, try taking a long walk – it can help with pre-nuptial jitters. A relaxing bath with soothing background music, a cup of herbal tea, and you should be ready to doze off with images of a happy future marriage in your dreams.

6. Be yourself. It is absolutely normal to feel awkward when you are surrounded by the wedding photographers and videographers on the big day, especially for those who marry for the first time. Just try to think there is only your and your love when they are taking photos for you. Modern professional photographers and videographers do not take lots of photo when they say “one, two, three, cheese”, instead, like our photographers and videographers, they capture the most natural moment by giving the couple some creative directions and then follow the flow to capture the great moments.

Thank You! A Crucial Ingredient Before, During And After Your Wedding

You just announced your engagement and may have even sent out your Save The Date cards. I bet you think that this is all you did. Well, it is not! You may not realize it but you actually did a lot more. You stirred people’s emotions of happiness, love and anticipation and with them the seeds of planning.

That’s right! Whether they are relatives, old childhood friends, new acquaintances, co-workers or neighbors, they donned on their thinking caps and began planning.

Some may plan special parties or receptions such as engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelor(ette) nights. Others may plan to attend such functions if invited. Still others may consider pre-wedding and wedding gifts, how to get to the wedding, travel and accommodations if needed, or simply what to wear to look as special as your wedding day.

Happiness, excitement and love are contagious. Don’t be surprised when potential guests to your wedding, will be so happy for you that they will want to be a part of the entire process from engagement to wedding. They will ask with enthusiasm, how to help you with the planning of and preparations for your dream wedding.


Remember to thank these people as often as possible. Thank them with words and deeds.
An oral, followed by a written thank you is most appropriate. To show real appreciation, you may wish to thank someone special with a small gift at a restaurant to which you invited him – her.


  • Include special thanks in your wedding program.

  • Thank your wedding attendants, parents and grandparents with special keepsake gifts.

  • Thank your guests as they enter your wedding facility.

  • Take a moment after you have been pronounced husband and wife to thank your guests for being there to witness the most important day of your life and share in your happiness.

  • Thank your guests individually at the receiving line.

  • Thank each again with a small but meaningful gift that bears a thank you note.

  • These wedding guest gifts are called wedding favors or just favors.

  • If you can possibly afford it, make each favor a keepsake memento from your wedding.*Personalized gifts are very IN and become treasured keepsakes.

  • While everyone is in a toasting mood, propose a thank you toast to your guests.

  • As they are about to leave, thank each wedding guest for adding to your happiness by being present.

* A-wedding Day conducted a wedding guests survey and found out that most did not remember what foods were served. Yet, whenever they look at the keepsake memento favor, now in their home, they remember the wedding and certain moments that captured their attention.

A-wedding Day also conducted a bride and groom survey and found out that most couples, even those on a budget want to thank their wedding guests with a favor they can keep and enjoy. The consensus is that brides and grooms opted to do without a sweet table at a buffet or desert at a sit down reception and use the budget they allotted for them to obtain meaningful, keepsake wedding favors their guests will appreciate and enjoy long after the wedding.

Most said that they do not think that by doing away with sweets and deserts they deprive their guests. “After all,” they said, “Isn’t the wedding cake a desert?”


No one expects thank you notes right after the wedding. Enjoy your honeymoon and each other. Upon return however, do hand write thank you notes. If you decide to print your own invitations purchase matching than you notes and wedding programs if available. For a real classy thank you note, scan your favorite wedding photo and send it along with the notes.

Now put on your thinking cap, and I am sure that you will come up with more ideas. Have fun!

Article Copyright © Nily Glaser, All Rights Reserved 2007

Copyrights © 2007 All Rights Reserved Nily Glaser of A-wedding Day and Gan Publishing


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Wedding on Budget

When planning a wedding on a budget you have to lower your requirements just a bit. For example, you can’t try to have to filet mignon if you are throwing the wedding on a fish stick budget. I have broken down the various aspects of the wedding planning to the last details so that you will get a better idea of what I mean.

Ideally, you would want to have at least a year to plan the wedding, but that is not always possible or desired. For the purposes of this guide, I have set up a 12 month wedding timeline that will certainly make it a little bit easier to host your wedding.

12 months before your Wedding day
– Announce the engagement
– Set your wedding date
– Create a budget
– Hire a Wedding Coordinator (optional)
– Create your guest list
– Start brainstorming ideas and themes
– Reserve your Ceremony spot
– Book an Officiate
– Make reservations for your Reception area
– Book a Photographer and Videographer
– Book Caterer, Florist and Music (Band, DJ, etc.)
– Look for a Wedding gown and Tux, allowing time for alterations and fittings
– Register for gifts
– Select and call the bridesmaids and groomsmen.
– Agree on a date to order bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s tuxes
– Choose a destination for your Honeymoon
– Apply for passports, if required

6 months before your Wedding day
– Finalize your guest list
– Decide on the timeline and details of Ceremony and Reception
– Order/make invitations, and thank you notes
– Make airline and hotel reservations for the Honeymoon
– Choose a caterer, a florist and place an order for the wedding cake.
– Book Transportation (Limo, Antique Car, Etc.) for wedding day
– Shop for any Party rentals

3-4 months before your Wedding day
– Mail out/hand deliver invitations
– Confirm wedding details and contracts with all wedding vendors
– Choose gifts for your attendants
– Set a date and time for the rehearsal dinner
– Help make travel arrangements for any out-of-town guests
– Make final alterations and fittings for the Wedding Gown and Tux

1 month before your Wedding day
– Apply for the marriage license
– Buy your wedding bands
– Finalize music list and no-play list with band or DJ
– Attend showers
– Make insurance arrangements

1-2 weeks before your Wedding day
– Schedule the rehearsal a day or two before your wedding day
– Make an appointment with a Beauty Salon for day of wedding
– Send a wedding announcement to the local newspapers (optional)
– Make necessary arrangements for name & address change, if any.
– Discuss final details with the reception Site and the Caterer
– Pack for honeymoon
– Write out all checks needed for wedding day
– Send reminders to the rehearsal dinner attendees about the location & time
– Discuss final details of the ceremony and reception with family and bridal party
– Wedding day or day before
– Visit your Beauty Salon for manicure and pedicure
– Host the rehearsal and dinner.
– Make sure the ushers have the final guest list