Thank You! A Crucial Ingredient Before, During And After Your Wedding

You just announced your engagement and may have even sent out your Save The Date cards. I bet you think that this is all you did. Well, it is not! You may not realize it but you actually did a lot more. You stirred people’s emotions of happiness, love and anticipation and with them the seeds of planning.

That’s right! Whether they are relatives, old childhood friends, new acquaintances, co-workers or neighbors, they donned on their thinking caps and began planning.

Some may plan special parties or receptions such as engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelor(ette) nights. Others may plan to attend such functions if invited. Still others may consider pre-wedding and wedding gifts, how to get to the wedding, travel and accommodations if needed, or simply what to wear to look as special as your wedding day.

Happiness, excitement and love are contagious. Don’t be surprised when potential guests to your wedding, will be so happy for you that they will want to be a part of the entire process from engagement to wedding. They will ask with enthusiasm, how to help you with the planning of and preparations for your dream wedding.


Remember to thank these people as often as possible. Thank them with words and deeds.
An oral, followed by a written thank you is most appropriate. To show real appreciation, you may wish to thank someone special with a small gift at a restaurant to which you invited him – her.


  • Include special thanks in your wedding program.

  • Thank your wedding attendants, parents and grandparents with special keepsake gifts.

  • Thank your guests as they enter your wedding facility.

  • Take a moment after you have been pronounced husband and wife to thank your guests for being there to witness the most important day of your life and share in your happiness.

  • Thank your guests individually at the receiving line.

  • Thank each again with a small but meaningful gift that bears a thank you note.

  • These wedding guest gifts are called wedding favors or just favors.

  • If you can possibly afford it, make each favor a keepsake memento from your wedding.*Personalized gifts are very IN and become treasured keepsakes.

  • While everyone is in a toasting mood, propose a thank you toast to your guests.

  • As they are about to leave, thank each wedding guest for adding to your happiness by being present.

* A-wedding Day conducted a wedding guests survey and found out that most did not remember what foods were served. Yet, whenever they look at the keepsake memento favor, now in their home, they remember the wedding and certain moments that captured their attention.

A-wedding Day also conducted a bride and groom survey and found out that most couples, even those on a budget want to thank their wedding guests with a favor they can keep and enjoy. The consensus is that brides and grooms opted to do without a sweet table at a buffet or desert at a sit down reception and use the budget they allotted for them to obtain meaningful, keepsake wedding favors their guests will appreciate and enjoy long after the wedding.

Most said that they do not think that by doing away with sweets and deserts they deprive their guests. “After all,” they said, “Isn’t the wedding cake a desert?”


No one expects thank you notes right after the wedding. Enjoy your honeymoon and each other. Upon return however, do hand write thank you notes. If you decide to print your own invitations purchase matching than you notes and wedding programs if available. For a real classy thank you note, scan your favorite wedding photo and send it along with the notes.

Now put on your thinking cap, and I am sure that you will come up with more ideas. Have fun!

Article Copyright © Nily Glaser, All Rights Reserved 2007

Copyrights © 2007 All Rights Reserved Nily Glaser of A-wedding Day and Gan Publishing


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